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County Court at the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office is our training ground for first, second, and third-year law school students looking for experience as prosecutors. We have the best prosecution internship in the State of Colorado. Our Internship Program has been training future prosecutors in our office for over thirty years. We provide aspiring attorney’s with an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience in the courtroom. Most interns will try numerous cases during their time here. Our interns learn how to be ethical, fair and professional attorneys. Our internships are a hands-on opportunity to learn whether you have what it takes to be a prosecutor all under the guidance of our prosecution staff. Former attorney interns make up about 20% of our current lawyers.

1Ls will have the opportunity to gain experience in a busy prosecution office, including working in appeals, conducting legal research and writing, and observing court proceedings. Every intern will write at least one brief in a county court appeal. Interns can also expect to write inter-office memos and draft pleadings to include: responses to defense motions, notices of appeal, and motions for reconsideration. 1L interns may also have the chance to rotate throughout County Court, Juvenile, SVU, the homicide team and also be included in special projects. Second and third-year interns are able to work in our County Court. County Court is where all misdemeanor and traffic cases are handled. Interns begin in the First Appearance Center. This is where all cases are screened to see if a plea bargain can be reached or whether the case will be set for trial. As the internship progresses, our interns are able to do trials to the court and to juries.

This opportunity can be experienced as a summer internship or semester in practice. If you are selected for our program you may work for credit or pay under the Colorado Student Practice Act (CPSA) as governed by Colorado Court Rule 205.7.

Each year, six to eight interns are chosen to participate in our 2L summer program. Our recruiting begins in August for the following summer. Students interested in semester in practice opportunities are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

We value the work and effort of our interns. They are trained and treated as professional, practicing prosecutors. With this model, we have had the distinct pleasure of hiring several former interns after graduation from law school. Please refer to:

CPSA, Colorado Court Rule 205.7
Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct
Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor, Rule 3.8