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Juvenile and Adult Diversion Services

  • Our Mission

    To protect the public from future victimization by repeat juvenile offenders. At the same time, the course of prosecution must provide opportunities for rehabilitation for the youthful offender who is receptive to reform.

  • A Community's Response

    The Juvenile and Adult Diversion Services Programs were created in response to our community’s desire to deal with juvenile/adult offenders effectively and creatively. Diversion is designed to hold juveniles/adults accountable for their behavior and to recognize and repair the harm they have done to their victims and their community. Juveniles learn new skills and change current behaviors that will enable them to become responsible young adults. The Adult Diversion Program holds offenders accountable for their actions while providing intervention and supervision geared toward positive decision making and productive citizenship.

  • First Time Offenders

    The Diversion Services Program deals with first-time offenders who are able to demonstrate a potential and desire to start making positive choices and changes in their lives. During the intake process, Diversion Officers screen potential candidates. The Screening process may include Drug and Alcohol testing (UA’s), victim empathy, family life as well as a desire to make healthy, positive choices. Parental support and cooperation are required and considered critical to the youth participating in Juvenile Diversion and their program success.


    As part of the Diversion Program, juveniles and adults are required to give a written statement accepting responsibility for their behavior. Participants sign an agreement to meet a variety of conditions over the course of one year. These requirements may include, but are not limited to, paying restitution to their victims, counseling/therapy, and volunteer work throughout the community. Youth programs include services such as Excel, Conflict Resolution, and Courage to Be Yourself. Programs offered cover topics including drug and alcohol abuse, social skills, victim empathy, dealing with conflict, job skills, and internet safety.

    A Dual Approach

    The District Attorney recognizes the necessity of a dual approach to dealing with juvenile & adult offenders. Holding offenders accountable for their behavior sends a clear message concerning what our community will tolerate and what it will not tolerate. Diversion offers the opportunity to make amends and learn new behaviors and skills. Diversion sends the message that our community cares about the future of our youth and productive citizenship of our adults.

  • Diversion also provides services in:

    • • Minor in Possession (MIP) cases
    • • Healthy Choices (Sexting and Internet safety education classes)