Volunteering at the Office of the District Attorney offers a wide variety of learning experiences and contribution opportunities to make a difference in our community.

Our Mission

Connecting interested, qualified candidates with meaningful and rewarding volunteer positions in an environment that fosters and supports learning, encourages community participation and appreciates each individual.


The volunteer program began in the late 1970s under District Attorney Robert L. Russel. The program has grown in scope and number from that time. Today, the volunteer program has grown to more than 100 volunteers at any one time. Our volunteers donate thousand of hours and are a key component to the District Attorney's Office.

Volunteering at the Office of the District Attorney offers a wide variety of learning experiences and contribution opportunities to make a difference in our community.

As a citizen with related work experience, or a college student pursuing a degree in law, information technology, psychology, sociology, finance, business, paralegal and criminal justice, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to explore and serve in as a welcome and significant part of a partnership to protect the innocent in our community.

How to Apply

Any citizen or person who is authorized to be in the United States, is 18 and over, and successfully passes a background check may apply for a volunteer position in the District Attorney's Office.

Each person must complete the application package. It is important to note that a criminal history check includes driving related violations. An interview will also be conducted by the Volunteer Manager and the area supervisor.

The District Attorney's Office reserves the right to refuse placement of any individual as a volunteer within the office if the applicant has a criminal history, lacks the technical skills, education, or interpersonal skills necessary for the position he/she desires. In the event that several people apply for the same volunteer position, the most qualified applicant will be selected.

Download the volunteer application

Opportunities to Learn, Serve and Grow

Some of our volunteer opportunities include working on cases involving economic crime, assisting paralegals in district and county court, processing cases and paperwork necessary to get the job done. There are opportunities to serve as an advocate for victims of domestic violence or other crime that has resulted in loss. There are also volunteer positions that involve working in our investigations and record keeping departments – which are an essential part of information retrieval and documentation. We also have opportunities to present information regarding the importance of choices to 5th grade elementary school students through our Kids Against Crime program as well as helping young people who have made poor choices, the opportunity to change their future. Our information technology and felony intake departments provide essential data in the processing of important case information.

We Value our Volunteers

Most of all, we value our volunteers and the time they take to be a part of the great work being done in our community. If you are interested in pursuing a valuable and exciting opportunity to volunteer in our community, we hope that you will consider the Office of the District Attorney as an important place to give your time and talent.

Volunteer Department Administrative Assistant
On-Call Transcriptionist
On-Call Translator
Historical Archiver

County Court
Systems Clerk County Court

District Court
Special Projects Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant
Prosecution Team AV Technician
District Court - Restitution Legal Assistant

Economic Crime
Forensic Fraud Accountant
Financial Analyst
Mortgage Loan Consultant

Felony Intake, Records & Discovery
Filings Department - Legal Assistant
Records Management Assistant
Discovery Legal Assistant

Special Victims Unit
Legal Assistant

Information Technologies
Systems Administrator
PC Support

Audio Transcriptionist
Video Visitation Technician
Victim Witness Locate Specialist

Juvenile Offender Services
Legal Assistant
JOS Employment Readiness Instructor
Juvenile Diversion - Conflict Resolution Assistant
Garden Program Assistant

Kids Against Crime
Program Moderator

Neighborhood Justice Center
Neighborhood Justice Mediation Assistant Administrative Assistant

Specialty Courts
Drug Court Liason

Victim Witness Program
Special Projects Legal Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Victim Compensation Assistant
Fast Track Advocate

Download the volunteer application

Contact us for an interview

To find out more about volunteer opportunities at the Office of the District Attorney, or to schedule an interview, please call the Volunteer Program Manager at (719) 520-6037, email the manager at DAO_VolunteerCoordinator@elpasoco.com, or fill out an application here.

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