4th Judicial District Attorney
Cancelled or Postponed Cases

The following cases have been called-off or continued.
If your subpoena is one of the following cases
You DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR on the scheduled date.
If you have questions regarding your appearance please call 719-520-6000 during regular business hours

CallOffs for Thursday March 30, 2017
Descr CaseNumber AppearanceDate DefLastName DefFirstName Division
D021 2017CR 001026 3/30/2017 Hogue Justina 06
D021 2017CR 001076 3/30/2017 Jaimes Easton 06
D021 2017CR 001068 3/30/2017 Jaimes Easton 06
D021 2017CR 001168 3/30/2017 Pack Betty 06
C021 2016T 013155 3/30/2017 Arnold James B
C021 2016M 007303 3/30/2017 Burns Ashley B
C021 2016M 007087 3/30/2017 Nobles Dejarvis D
C021 2016T 013061 3/30/2017 Teske Christian F