A victim's rights are related to certain “critical stages” in the criminal justice process.
These stages include:

  • Filing of charges and the decision not to file charges
  • Arraignment, Preliminary, and Motions hearings
  • Any bond reduction or modification hearing*
  • Any subpoena for a victim’s mental health, medical, education or victim compensation records
  • Disposition of the complaint or charges against the person accused*
  • Trial
  • Sentencing hearing* and sentence reconsideration*
  • Appellate review or appellate decision
  • Post conviction DNA testing;
  • Probation revocation hearing
  • The filing of a complaint, summons, or warrant by probation for failure to report or because
       location of a person convicted of a crime is unknown
  • The change of venue or transfer of probation supervision
  • Request for release from probation supervision prior to the expiration of the defendant’s sentence
  • Request for release from community corrections prior to the expiration of the defendant’s sentence
  • An attack on judgment or conviction for which a court hearing is set
  • Parole application hearing
  • Parole, revocation hearing, release or discharge from imprisonment of a
        person convicted of a crime;
  • Transfer to or placement of a person convicted of a crime in a
        non-secured facility
  • Transfer, release, or escape of a person charged or convicted of a crime     from any state hospital
  • Any petition by a sex offender to terminate sex offender registration
  • The execution of an offender in a capital case

* In addition to the right to be informed and present, the victim also has a right to be heard at hearings on bond reduction or modification, any subpoena for the victim’s records, disposition of the case such as acceptance of a negotiated plea, and sentencing, including any modification of the sentence.

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