Black Friday Incident

    What can be covered from Victim Compensation for the Fillmore / Centennial incident?

  • All persons involved in the incident that either were injured, in hiding, exposed to hearing gun fire, or impacted by the crime because they were at the scene will be considered Primary Victims for Victim Compensation purposes.*
  • Family members of the Primary Victim, or someone with a close familial type relationship to the Primary Victim, who was not at the location will be treated as Secondary Victims for Victim Compensation purposes.*
  • Mental Health Counseling that is awarded to each primary and secondary victim can begin with 10 initial sessions (instead of 3). The Board would still like to see a Treatment Plan after the 3rd session.*
  • If a referral is received by the victim’s service provider, a primary victim can be eligible for alternatives to mental health which include massage therapy and a self-defense course.*
  • Primary victims may also qualify for medical expenses (paid at 80%) that are directly related to the crime and loss of wages (paid at 85% after all sick leave, annual leave and other benefits have been exhausted) that is directly related to the crime.*
  • Personal medical items such as hearing aids, glasses and dentures that were lost or stolen in the incident may be eligible.*
  • Funeral Expenses to the family member or person who paid for the funeral can be approved for reimbursement up to $9,000.*
  • The Board will consider payment of “other locks” as it relates to a crime (could be door locks if needed).*
  • All applications will be handled as they are received. *
  • Maximum award in services from Victim Compensation for each claim can be up to $30,000 for all services requested).*

* All applications will be reviewed by the Victim Compensation Board and notification of award will be sent to the applicant within 10 days of the decision of the Board. All awards are to adhere to Victim Compensation guidelines. Pursuant to statute C.R.S. 24-4.1-105 (2)(a), the applicant must provide the Compensation Program with any pertinent requested information to process the application. Incomplete applications will be returned or delayed until all information is received. Crime Victim Compensation is a payer of last resort.

For more help and information, visit the Colorado Springs Community Crisis Recovery Center site.

Please utilize the self-help trauma website for questions relating to trauma from the incident occurring on November 28, 2015.

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