Drug Court is a diversion court for first time small quantity of drugs defendants. The primary goal of Drug Court is to stop recidivism of repeat offenders. It is an opportunity for people who have made a mistake, to stay out of the criminal justice system. Before Drug Court existed, the standard small time user received the minimal amount of supervision or probation. In this court, the defendant receives support and supervision to assist them in being successful in turning their life around. Drug Court is an innovative program.

Other courts have modeled their programs after our drug court. When Drug Court is utilized, there is an agreement that the defendant pleads guilty and receives a deferred sentence. If the terms are completed successfully, the defendant can petition the court to seal their record. Drug Court defendants have a high rate of success of graduation, moving into a successful life as contributing members of society. For more information on the Drug Court program please contact our office at 719-520-6000 or Email Dao_Pio@elpasoco.com.

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